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About Pro-Typers

We made earning money more fun and easy! Pro-Typers helps you to enhance your typing skills just by writing simple texts within specific time duration. You will gain typing points every time you type some random texts and words.

We simply provide FREE opportunities for anyone to enhance their skills using our website. The interface is so easy to use that even someone with zero experience can figure it out.

Remember, Pro-Typers DOES NOT asks for any investments for you to start using our system. It's 100% FREE. Pro-Typers IS NOT an investing earning web application.

There are couple of ways to enjoy in Pro-Typers.com:

  • Type'a Minute
  • Xtra Text Encoding.
  • Convert Points to Freebies
  • Top Player Freebies

Things We Offer

Pro-Typers gives you some useful and fun features which will help you to enjoy your quarantince season.

Type'a Minute

You'll be given 1 minute to type as many texts and words as fast as you can. Each texts you type will be recorded to our system.

Xtra Text Encoding

Getting bored? There are still many texts and words waiting for you to type! Try it out!.

Convert Points to Freebies

Typing texts and words has never been easy and fun. Collect game points and trade it with our in-game freebies!

Our Accomplishments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from users. Better you read them first if having any confusions.