What's the worth of 30k captcha in Pro-Typers?

Many of you asking what's the worth of 30,000 captcha and how much do I get everytime I solve set of 30k captcha.

Please take note that every captcha you solve from Xtra Captcha has worth value of $0.00010 and from daily captcha with $0.002 (which is higher than Xtra Captcha's worth).

Some of users are focusing only about the earnings they make from Xtra Captcha. Take note, everytime you solve 30,000 captcha from Xtra Captcha, you will be credited $2.

Do some basic Mathematics!

Let's say, you have already solved a total of 30,000 captcha within 5 days (average estimated days from our user's who got their payments):

30,000 captcha × $0.00010 = $3 (Xtra Captcha)
30,000 Completion Bonus
Total MINIMUM Earnings

Take Note:
We haven't added your earnings from your referrals and your earnings from Daily Captcha yet!

Minimum earnings you will get everytime you solve 30,000 captcha is $5.00 (Php 250). If you have active referrals and you have solve daily captcha, an average person can earn minimum $2.00 to $5.00 already PLUS your $5.00.

See? Not really bad for a FREE earning site :)